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No food in the house this evening—only bread, yogurt and onions—but we won’t go to bed hungry.

These are stinging nettles:

No, they’re not weeds. We planted them on purpose. There is method in our madness.

This is freshly harvested spinach:

And freshly harvested nettles (you have to wear gloves to collect these):

This is spinach frying up with onions:

This is nettle soup:

A bowl of nettle soup and a piece of bread:

A plate of spinach and a dollop of yogurt:

It fills a hole until we get the shopping in.

The bounties of our Lord.


Our Garden, April 2008


Our Garden, May 2008


  1. Mr Moo

    Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

  2. Umm Layth

    You both inspire me, alhamdulillah. But will you inspire my husband to like greens, please?

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