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Une petite prière

Que Dieu nous préserve de la gloire et de la grande renommée. Qu’il nous protège de l’ego qui cherche l’attention, du désir d’admiration, de la vanité gonflée. Ne vivons pas toujours une vie qui cherche à être connue, mais accorde-nous plutôt une faim et une soif de connaître Dieu.

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Twenty-one thousand signatures

Imagine being asked by all your friends and peers to sign an open letter stating full and total support for men accused of sexual abuse and predatory behaviour at the outset of Operation Yewtree. Of course, the accused had the right to the presumption of innocence — and indeed we learnt the hard way the dangers of reporting before evidence had been heard, when some men were wrongly accused of crimes in the media and were later cleared. 

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Is the intellectual an intellectual? I don’t know, because I’m not an intellectual. But friends, who I’d call intellectuals, say he is, so who am to argue? Whereas I find myself nonchalant to his speech and assertions, friends far more learned than I adore him, paraphrasing his ideas at every available opportunity. For them, his intuition is the saviour of the moment; to me his contentions are merely sentimental, as he plays to the crowd with the insipid sentiments to which we respond. To me, he is everyman to everyone: whatever he says is whatever we want to hear. But then who am I to judge? I am no intellectual, just an unlearned fool of the periphery, peering into a world that is not mine.


A jolly chap asks, “How will the Muslim devotee respond to Quran 3:54, where Allah boasts that he is the best deceiver?” The passage in question — which mentions those who disbelieved in the Messiah and plotted against him — is rendered into English by various translators as follows: 

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If you have to choose a camp, it’s that of the oppressed. The rest is racism, division, hatred.


Everybody said that the refutation was irrefutable, so I thought I would give it a chance. But all it told me was that half the protagonists were Zionist Jews and the other half deluded psychotics. Beyond racism and contempt for people suffering from mental illness, there was no substance to the refutation at all. As usual, pervasive prejudice supplants the need for a persuasive argument. Is this what our intellectualism amounts to?


Without fail, every time I resolve to reform my soul, I almost immediately become preoccupied with new matters that do not concern me, which become an obsession, undermining my good intentions. In short, I replace one set of sins with another, and find myself entangled in a completely new web of my own making. It is a constant struggle.

Abuse of power

“So here’s the thing, if you know you have a position of power and abuse that – well, you’re awful. You’re the stuff I scrape off my shoe.” — via The Tempest

Source: I’m a Muslim convert, and when I asked for help, a well-known Muslim man tried to take advantage of me


“Oh you who believe, do not cancel out your charitable deeds with reminders and hurtful words, like someone who spends his wealth only to be seen by people, not believing in God and the Last Day. Such a person is like a rock with earth on it: heavy rain falls and leaves it completely bare. Such people get no rewards for their works: for God does not guide the disbelievers.” — Qur’an 2:264


When a man sets out to groom a woman or girl for abuse, he does not target just anyone, and certainly not his peers; he deliberately targets those who are vulnerable. If high profile grooming cases teach us anything, it is this.

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